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Hay Tarps & Side Curtains
Just like hay bales are made in a wide range of sizes and shapes, Canopies and Tarps makes its hay bale tarps to fit hay bales of all types. Choose from our selection of sizes and styles to find the right match for the bales you use. Round or square, big or small, it does not matter to us. We will craft a custom tarp that is just right for the job.

All of the tarps are made of a durable polyethylene fabric that is waterproof and resistant to UV rays. This construction ensures the hay bales underneath are protected from dampness and mold.

There are four main types of hay bale tarps to consider when choosing your tarp.

The Performer Square Bale Tarps are ideal for covering square-shaped hay bales. Squares stacks can be under the cover of these tarps to protect them from the elements. There tarps are made from a heavy-duty white and black polyethylene fabric. An internal sleeve system fitted with built-in PVC poles increases the security of the tarp over the bales. The PVC system offers more flexibility and ensures the stacks stay tightly fitted together as the cover is pulled taut. J hooks and fasteners help secure the tarp in place to complete the installation. Sizes range from 14' x 48' to 72' x 48'.

The Performer Round Bale Tarps are a tarp system designed specifically for securing stacks of round hay bales. They feature a 17-mil thickness and a PVC poles system similar to the square bale tarps. Sizes range from 14' x 48' to 72' x 48'.

The Performer Hay Tarp Side Curtains are designed to provide total coverage from the elements. Our research has shown that side curtain tarps can provide much better protection against damage caused by moisture and the elements, than tarps without side curtains. Each curtain is made from a polyethylene fabric with a 17-mil thickness. Sizes range from 12' x 48' to 25' x 54'.

For a cost-effective option Canopies and Tarps also offers Discount Hay Tarps. These tarps provide an excellent defense against moisture, UV rays, mold, rot and mildew. The thickness of these tarps is 14-mil make them a reliable heavy-duty product.